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delirious, savage, unbroken, passionate, out-of-school, blessed, cowboys, little wonders, beach, flowers, drinks, leopard, roadtrips, sunset, make love, colorful, dawn, snow, hearts, universe, 60's, forest, surrealism, untamed, medieval, sunrise, indians, bright, fairytales, poetry, cats, freedom, rivers, thunderstorms, art, boys, rock'n roll, woods, sea, moon, zodiac, family, waterfalls, children, love...all is love, and everything is wild and free.


terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2011


    Frank Sinatra 1938

   James Brown 1988
   Johny Cash 1965
   Kurt Cobain 1986
   Steven Tayler 1967
   Janes Joplin 1969
   Mick Jagger 1967
 Jim Morrison 1970

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