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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

RICHARD LONG : LAND ARTIST ▲ influence us ▲

sculptures made as the result of epic walks, these take him through rural and remote areas in Britain, or as far afield as the plains of Canada, Mongolia and Bolivia. He walks at different times for different reasons. 

Guided by a great respect for nature and by the formal structure of basic shapes, Long never makes significant alterations to the landscapes he passes through. Instead he marks the ground or adjusts the natural features of a place by up-ending stones for example, or making simple traces. 

Nearly forty years on, his work continues the dialectic between working freely and ephemerally wherever in the wide world, and bringing it back into the public domain of art spaces and books in the form of sculptures of raw materials such as stones, mud and water and photographic and text works.

now showing at: 20 Uhr | 25. März 2011 | Hamburger Bahnhof | Invalidenstraße 50-51 | Berlin Mitte

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  1. thank you so much for the tipp!!!! i read about the exhibition before but forgot. now i am DEFINITELY going to see it xx love from berlin xx julia