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delirious, savage, unbroken, passionate, out-of-school, blessed, cowboys, little wonders, beach, flowers, drinks, leopard, roadtrips, sunset, make love, colorful, dawn, snow, hearts, universe, 60's, forest, surrealism, untamed, medieval, sunrise, indians, bright, fairytales, poetry, cats, freedom, rivers, thunderstorms, art, boys, rock'n roll, woods, sea, moon, zodiac, family, waterfalls, children, love...all is love, and everything is wild and free.


domingo, 27 de março de 2011


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  1. I see everything repeting everyday... clearly there is no more room in hell... a lot of times I feel that I am stuck in reverse... but, still, ou hearts are not made to bleed... althought, that is what they seem to do most of the time...